daniella is an illustrator, animator, and production manager living in greenpoint, brooklyn. as a creative, her work is rooted in storytelling, bringing narrative to life through illustration and animation. from an early age, daniella could be found lost in a sketchbook, cranking out characters and comics. as a child she was influenced in equal parts by neverending story-era fantasy and the twisted humor of ren & stimpy. through comics and cartoons, daniella discovered a love of animation and storytelling. daniella moved to new york to study traditional animation at pratt institute. her thesis film, “oral report”, was showcased at a variety of film festivals including: reel 13, animation block party, and nyc short film festival. recent work includes drawing the news, a web-comic series for digg.com.


  1. Victoria replied:

    Hi I love your jacket, glasses and hair all together in this photo looks beyond cool 😀
    I love the drawings in your blog do you do all of them?

    • daniellavision replied:

      haha thank you! yes, i do all the drawings myself–hm maybe i should state that somewhere..? anyways, thanks for visiting!

  2. Coyla Hayes replied:

    I love your hat. I have breast cancer and I am looking for fashionable hats. Can you tell me where you purchased the hat?

  3. Ira replied:

    Очень красивые рисунки, мне понравились. Продолжай в том же духе!

  4. Diego Gomez replied:

    i LOVE you style!

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